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Hydris MX & Hydris MX GOLD

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  • Create custom lubrication solutions with high performance additive formulas and lubrication specialties. Get the protection, performance and peace of mind

  • High Performance Lubricants with Advanced Technology Inside. Experience the benefits of longer oil life, energy efficiency and equipment reliability.

  • Environmentally Responsible. High Performance Lubricants with minimal environmental impact. Safe for use in sensitive areas.

  • Readily Biodegradable. Made from high quality natural esters and synthetics that readily biodegrade in the natural environment.

  • Reach New Heights with specialty greases and lubricants designed to excel in fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

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Lubrication Solutions.

Our products are changing the way people think about lubrication technology. Tailor your lubricant choices with personalized performance lubricants, plus additives which give you options for cleaner engines, longer oil life and extreme protection. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015 00:00

Everyone wants to get the most miles possible out of their vehicle, so how should people go about getting that? Well, there is the idea that planning out your trip to minimize crossing over the same roads twice can lower the miles you travel, but that doesn’t really do anything for fuel economy. You can always keep your tires properly inflated, but that is only going to add a minute bit of mileage to your tank. So which direction should you turn? The best plan is to consider fuel additives. These can add a good amount of mileage to your tank, plus they can leave you with a vehicle that performs better than it did before the additive was introduced.

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